Bodytec 100% Organic Yum Berry Juice (1000ml)

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  • Bodytec 100% Organic Yum Berry Juice (1000ml)

    Bodytec 100% Organic Yum Berry Juice (1000ml)

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    Organic Yumberry Juice from fresh Myrica Rubra berries 100% 30000mg.

    Certified Organic, Vegetarian, Halal & kosher.

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Yumberry is a fruit that is cultivated mainly in sub-tropical, South Eastern China, which is both delicious tasting and high in nutritional values.

The Yumberry fruit has been traditionally used by the locals and is well recognised for its endless benefits with helping to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Yumberry has unusually high OPC`s (oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) values which are deemed as being the most powerful class of Free-Radical-Scavenging antioxidents and are believed to support all the body`s metabolic systems.

Yumberry`s exceptionally high OPC levels can have benefits in slowing down the aging process. Yumberry juice is an exceptional all round healthy drink, with significant antioxident values as well as a high vitamin and mineral content.