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    Bodytec 100% Organic Noni Juice (500ml)

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    Our 100% noni juice is from the Tahitian Noni which is considered as the superior form of noni. Our organic noni juice has no preservatives or sweeteners and is made using modern cold processing techniques which preserve the noni as nature intended, to pass on to you the benefits of this healthy drink.

    There are many unscrupulous companies out there selling an inferior noni substitute we guarantee our noni is not diluted, nor does it have any preservatives, we guarantee you will receive only the best.

    Take 20 to 40ml per day as part of your daily diet.

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The Noni plant flourishes in the tropical forests of the Tahitian Islands in the South Pacific where the pollution-free volcanic soils are an exceptional source of nutrients. The plant can grow to a height of between fifteen to twenty feet. The fruit looks like a green grenade which is covered with reddish brown seed pits that give it a lumpy texture. The fruit starts green, turns yellow, ripens to whiteness & falls from the tree.The plants are hand picked and harvested using only traditional Tahitian methods to ensure consistency and quality.

The Noni fruit has been used by locals for over 2000 years and is well recognised for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Noni was, and still is, prescribed by the native Polynesian healers to treat pain, inflammation, burns, skin problems, intestinal worms, nausea, food poisoning, fevers, bowel & menstrual problems, insect & animal bites etc.

Noni is inherently rich in amino acids, minerals, enzymes and vitamins.

A considerable amount of research has been carried out on the Noni fruit throughout the world, Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a prominent American biochemist, has found that Noni is rich in Xeronine, which he believes may play a key role in encouraging proper cell function and growth in the human body.


Organic Noni Juice from fresh Morinda Citrifolia Plants 100% 12000mg.

Certified Organic, Vegetatarian, Halal, Kosher.