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    Vitamin B Complex 30`s

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    regular daily intake of B vitamins is recommended if we are to benefit from their health-boosting properties. Each capsule contains: Thiamine (B1) - maintains a healthy nervous system as well as aiding proper function of the heart and other muscles Riboflavin (B2) - Needed in the repair of the nails, skin and hair. Niacin (B3) - Required for the synthesis of sex hormones, as well as being vital to the nervous system. It also aids circulation, and reduces serum cholesterol. Pyridoxine (B6) - relieves a wide variety of PMS symptoms, such as breast tenderness, weight gain (water retention) and irritability. B12 - Essential for the correct functioning of all cells, especially bone marrow and nervous tissue, it is also required for red blood cell formation. Biotin - said to repair damaged hair and keep hair healthy Pantothenic Acid - Needed for maintenance of healthy digestive tract, skin, nerves and glands Folic Acid - symptoms of too little folic acid are slowed metabolism, constipation, and tiredness at inappropriate times of the day.

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